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The quest to create the perfect electric bike

Updated: Jun 28, 2018

Driven to build the best electric bike on the planet started this voyage.

After riding my first electric bike I realized my new addiction, the elation of the first push of power on a soft comfortable ride was my new favorite pastime.

Building custom bikes and not a cookie cutter allowed me to test various components, frames, tires and motors to help develop the best bikes on the market.

I learned that weight distribution was critical for a non electric ride, (that's right, you will ride without the assist or throttle at times) having the heaviest component on the bike as low to the ground kept the balance of the bike authentic when riding and also when parked. After testing the rear rack mounted batteries set up I quickly moved away from the low cost bolt on model, to custom frames designed to be electrified from the start.

Driven Badge

Pedal assist or throttle was the next contemplation in my journey, understanding a throttle was not right for wet grass or gravel, I included both on all my hub drive motors so you can get assist when you need it or enjoy the power at your whim.

Currently on deck for development are Driven Vintage 500, Playa Express 750 with 203mm disc brakes, color lcd, and custom vented rims, Driven Dockside folding bike, and a mid drive mountain bike yet to be named.

Stay tuned for updates.

Lets Ride!


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