Electric Bike Batteries

When buying an electric bicycle the single most expensive component is the battery. The battery specifications are the determining benchmark of price and performance of all ebikes. When you are shopping for an ebike, the same old adage applies, you get what you pay for. Pricing fluctuates drastically based on a number of metrics which we will outline below.

Hands down the industry leader in ebike batteries (cells) is Samsung, as they have proven to be the most consistent, reliable, and allow the most rated recharges. A typical off brand battery will get 50% less rated charges and a less sophisticated battery management system.

Driven batteries are powered by 48 Volt Samsung Lithium Ion Cells, which are fully charged at 54 Volts and typically empty at 42 Volts. Most quality ebikes (including ours) provide a live voltage reading next to the battery icon which offers a much more reliable source of determining range. While the battery indicator is also an excellent resource for determining remaining battery, they tend to fluctuate based on current demand and can at times produce an inconsistent battery reading. Range is typically the biggest concern when considering an ebike, hence the importance of voltage readings to truly understand the capabilities of your ebike. To put it more clearly, as the indicated voltage ticks down from 54 Volts to 42 volts, you are gradually reaching a dead battery.

Battery maintenance

To get the most longevity from your battery, new batteries should be fully drained if possible for the first 3 charges. This is critical just as in other devices with Lithium Ion